Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Remembering SUCH a FUN/SPECIAL time in Life!!!

So... As I have played on this for a couple of hours now, changing my page and adding things to it, as I have looked through pictures to add, I have stumbled upon our wedding day!  WOW! What a day to remember, huh?  I will share a few pictures to remind you!!

Our engagement party!!!
All the girls on the carriage ride!
First night of the Bachelorette Party!! SOOO fun!! THANKS ALLY!


Some of the bridal party at the Bridesmaid luncheon!

I can't thank her enough for everything she did to make my week so much easier!!!

My great-grandmother!!! :)

The bridal party except Mary Elizabeth!

Me with my two wonderful grandmothers!! Aren't they beautiful!

Me and my mama with the Hostesses!! :)

Me, my mama, and sisters!

Me and Alex at our engagement party!

Me and one of my Best Friends at the engagement party!

Me and Jennifer (college roomie, best friend, you name it!)

Me at the rehearsal with my beautiful bouquet that Aunt Donna and Alex made me!

The back of my dress!! :)

Alex putting my veil in..

My cake!!!

Joseph and his parents at the engagement party!

Me and Joseph!!!

At the Rehearsal dinner! :)

CHI O's!!! :)

Hanging out after the rehearsal dinner! :)

Getting our hair done! (Me and Alex)

What can I say!?  It's not easy having pretty hair for your wedding!

The front of the Church!!! BEAUTIFUL!!!

Me and Alex looking at last minute things!

My bouquet!!!

Me and my bridesmaids!!!

Honorary Bridesmaids!!!

Some of the groomsmen!!

Cutting the grooms cake!! YUMMMMMMY!!!


Me and daddy dancing!

Who else can say that their 92 year old GREAT-grandmother danced at their wedding!!! :)

Some of the girls!

Joseph with some of the guys at the Engagement Party!!
Sorry that some of the pictures are out of order!!  My computer is messing up so it took a long time to get these on here! :)  Hope you enjoy looking at just SOME of the pictures leading up to and of our wedding! :)  I couldn't add all of them! With everyone's CD's that they sent me, I have 1000's!! :)

Until later... Thanks for enjoying our pics!!

Friday, November 5, 2010

OOPS!! Life has gotten busy..

For those of yall that do follow our blog, I apologize for my laziness! :)  I've been busy working and trying to get the house decorated and ideas for Christmas decorations! YES! It's our first Christmas in our new home and being MARRIED!!! YAY!! :)
Anyways, a little update on what's been going on the past few weeks!  We have been hunting pretty much every weekend for Joseph and every other for me (I have to work every other weekend, blah!).
LOL!! This is what I look like all camo'ed! :)

A side view from my tree stand!

Joseph climbing!! :)

After we got home from hunting!

As Joseph says, "I have to get Rambo'ed up!"

GRRR!! :)  The finished product of his face painting!

Besides hunting on the weekends, they usually also consist of watching football!! We have been rooting on our Bulldogs (now 7-2)!!!  The UAB game was a close game (too close for comfort for me!).  We laughed because I think my blood pressure made an all time high during that game!  I get a little too worked up in close games!  I think Joseph likes it better when I have to work during a game!  Hey, did I mention that I ring my cowbell WHENEVER I want to at home! YAY!

And... NOW on to a really exciting day/time!!  Kaitlyn Grace was born!! My dear friends Laurin and Ryan finally had their baby girl!! Here is a sneak peek of her beautiful self!

Me with Laurin and Ryan!

Mommy with Kaitlyn Grace!! :)

Wrapping her daddy around her fingers!!! :):)

  Kaitlyn Grace!!!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

A preview of our hobby...

Well, yay!! The hubby let me sleep til 9:45! (very unusual! he usually makes me get up at like 8!) then we got some things together for dinner! (Taco soup, rotel, and BBQ sausage, I'm sure you can guess who picked that menu!) 
OFF to the woods we headed!  I had to climb the tree stand to see if I was going to be able to shoot my bow!  I did it!  The climb was a little scary, but I adjusted and it was fine!!
Joseph has done some major scouting at my dad's lake, and we have lots of good pictures and he hung a stand last week for me! 
Here are a few shots of the day! :)  I'm pretty sure he thought I was crazy when I told him I needed to get my camera so I could "blog!"  I literally ran to the truck (mud boots and everything) to get it!
And my lesson of climbing a tree is about to begin...

Joseph showing me how it's done!


Now.. it's my turn!!!  First time to climb a tree with this type of stand!

And... I'm bear hugging this tree with MY LIFE!!


Yeah.. I'm about 17 feet up...

A view from my seat...

Another view...

And... I'm finally on my way down!

YEP! I did that! :)  Pretty good for a first time shot from the tree!

Our stand!!!

Joe putting up the camera for another week! :)

Well.. that's all of our day!  NOW... it's time to fill my belly and watch the BULLDOGS PLAY!!!!!!!!!!!!