Saturday, September 25, 2010

A preview of our hobby...

Well, yay!! The hubby let me sleep til 9:45! (very unusual! he usually makes me get up at like 8!) then we got some things together for dinner! (Taco soup, rotel, and BBQ sausage, I'm sure you can guess who picked that menu!) 
OFF to the woods we headed!  I had to climb the tree stand to see if I was going to be able to shoot my bow!  I did it!  The climb was a little scary, but I adjusted and it was fine!!
Joseph has done some major scouting at my dad's lake, and we have lots of good pictures and he hung a stand last week for me! 
Here are a few shots of the day! :)  I'm pretty sure he thought I was crazy when I told him I needed to get my camera so I could "blog!"  I literally ran to the truck (mud boots and everything) to get it!
And my lesson of climbing a tree is about to begin...

Joseph showing me how it's done!


Now.. it's my turn!!!  First time to climb a tree with this type of stand!

And... I'm bear hugging this tree with MY LIFE!!


Yeah.. I'm about 17 feet up...

A view from my seat...

Another view...

And... I'm finally on my way down!

YEP! I did that! :)  Pretty good for a first time shot from the tree!

Our stand!!!

Joe putting up the camera for another week! :)

Well.. that's all of our day!  NOW... it's time to fill my belly and watch the BULLDOGS PLAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday Night Lights

Well, after getting just 5 hours of sleep Friday, we headed down to Bogue Chitto to root on Will and the rest of the Flashes football team... We had a quick, healthy, fattening dinner at Wendy's with Daddy and Marsha. Then to the field we went...  As soon as we pulled up, my first question was... "Are we in the right place?"  Now, I keep forgetting that I'm used to 5A football games, not 1A!!!  I'm used to there being cars all over the place an hour before the game, but NOT HERE! We got there about 30 minutes before the game and there were no cars... INTERESTING! And to top it off, Joseph described the place as something off of "The Deliverance!"
It was a SAD game for the Flashes, but I got a few shots of us enjoying a Friday night football game and also some pictures of my cute baby brother! :)
                                 Me and the Hubby! WISH he was looking at the camera!                                    

Thanks Joseph!!
Me and Tess at the game!


He was probably about to get some water! :)

Will man on the sidelines! :)

Lining up for the play!

Probably wondering what the team is doing! :)
(they had a rough night...)

I love you buddy!

That's just a quick look at what our Friday night consisted of! :) GO FLASHES! GOOOO #5!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

New at this...

So... I'm new at all this "blogging" stuff!  Boy was I wrong when I thought my day with Ally would be relaxing! She mentioned blogging to me, and that was it!  We started playing with this easy challenging site, and I've been going ever since!  I have played with this thing alll night long! (Thanks Ally)!!  Hopefully my hubby won't be too mad at me! 
What a fun filled day it really was though!  Woke up!  Did a little bit of cleaning! (I've been working for the past 5 nights, and you must be crazy if you think Joe is going to clean!) And... then, I had my date with one of my BFF's!! I haven't seen her since my wedding... SAD!!!  We had lunch at Broadstreet, then yogurt from Sweet CeCe's, then off to get Pedi's!!!  Let me tell the funniest story!!!!  So... Ally has ticklish feet, who doesn't! Anyways, the little guy who was giving her a pedi told her he could work magic and make her feet not so ticklish, so we laughed and said yeah right while he performed his "magic"!  Boy you'd a thought he was doing something bad.. he was making the weirdest noises ever! Think hard and you may figure out what we experienced today! HAHA!! If you can't, I guess Ally and I will just always have an inside joke! 
After a fun, relaxing, much needed girls day with Ally, home came the wonderful hubby!! He was all smiles to be home! (as always!)  We went on with our normal routine!  A nice run, then showers and dinner, then we sat down to watch THE BIGGEST LOSER!!!!! YAY!!! I'm sooo pumped that it's back on and I'm actually OFF everyday Tuesday to watch it!! :) YAY ME!
Now it's off to bed, to dream about who knows what!