Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Remembering SUCH a FUN/SPECIAL time in Life!!!

So... As I have played on this for a couple of hours now, changing my page and adding things to it, as I have looked through pictures to add, I have stumbled upon our wedding day!  WOW! What a day to remember, huh?  I will share a few pictures to remind you!!

Our engagement party!!!
All the girls on the carriage ride!
First night of the Bachelorette Party!! SOOO fun!! THANKS ALLY!


Some of the bridal party at the Bridesmaid luncheon!

I can't thank her enough for everything she did to make my week so much easier!!!

My great-grandmother!!! :)

The bridal party except Mary Elizabeth!

Me with my two wonderful grandmothers!! Aren't they beautiful!

Me and my mama with the Hostesses!! :)

Me, my mama, and sisters!

Me and Alex at our engagement party!

Me and one of my Best Friends at the engagement party!

Me and Jennifer (college roomie, best friend, you name it!)

Me at the rehearsal with my beautiful bouquet that Aunt Donna and Alex made me!

The back of my dress!! :)

Alex putting my veil in..

My cake!!!

Joseph and his parents at the engagement party!

Me and Joseph!!!

At the Rehearsal dinner! :)

CHI O's!!! :)

Hanging out after the rehearsal dinner! :)

Getting our hair done! (Me and Alex)

What can I say!?  It's not easy having pretty hair for your wedding!

The front of the Church!!! BEAUTIFUL!!!

Me and Alex looking at last minute things!

My bouquet!!!

Me and my bridesmaids!!!

Honorary Bridesmaids!!!

Some of the groomsmen!!

Cutting the grooms cake!! YUMMMMMMY!!!


Me and daddy dancing!

Who else can say that their 92 year old GREAT-grandmother danced at their wedding!!! :)

Some of the girls!

Joseph with some of the guys at the Engagement Party!!
Sorry that some of the pictures are out of order!!  My computer is messing up so it took a long time to get these on here! :)  Hope you enjoy looking at just SOME of the pictures leading up to and of our wedding! :)  I couldn't add all of them! With everyone's CD's that they sent me, I have 1000's!! :)

Until later... Thanks for enjoying our pics!!


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