Saturday, September 25, 2010

Friday Night Lights

Well, after getting just 5 hours of sleep Friday, we headed down to Bogue Chitto to root on Will and the rest of the Flashes football team... We had a quick, healthy, fattening dinner at Wendy's with Daddy and Marsha. Then to the field we went...  As soon as we pulled up, my first question was... "Are we in the right place?"  Now, I keep forgetting that I'm used to 5A football games, not 1A!!!  I'm used to there being cars all over the place an hour before the game, but NOT HERE! We got there about 30 minutes before the game and there were no cars... INTERESTING! And to top it off, Joseph described the place as something off of "The Deliverance!"
It was a SAD game for the Flashes, but I got a few shots of us enjoying a Friday night football game and also some pictures of my cute baby brother! :)
                                 Me and the Hubby! WISH he was looking at the camera!                                    

Thanks Joseph!!
Me and Tess at the game!


He was probably about to get some water! :)

Will man on the sidelines! :)

Lining up for the play!

Probably wondering what the team is doing! :)
(they had a rough night...)

I love you buddy!

That's just a quick look at what our Friday night consisted of! :) GO FLASHES! GOOOO #5!


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