Monday, July 18, 2011

Beach Trip!

As most of you know, if you don't know, you should!  I LOOOOVE the beach! It is absolutely my most favorite place in the world!NO JOKE! Joseph and I were able to go on my family's "family trip." 
For those of you who don't know, we have taken family trips with my mom's family for about 17 years now!  We missed only a few years.  One year being because of 9/11 and another year being because my baby cousin, Zac, was born! We have been skiing in: Steamboat, Park City, Whistler, Vail. We have cruised on the Disney and Carnival cruise lines. We have gone to Disney World.  And lately, since the family is so big and everyone is grown, we have been taking Beach trips!  The beach trip makes it easier for people to go!

We owe a HUGE thanks to these WONDERFUL people for EVERY trip!
Granddaddy and Honey

This year was the FIRST year, yep! You read right! The FIRST year that Joseph went on a family trip!  Boy oh boy did he have something to look forward to! I think he had a great time, but some things that he learned:   1.) Where I got my talkative attitude from! 2.) EVERYONE likes to talk (at the same time!) 3.) We down right know how to have a good time together!
We got to the beach late Thursday night (Joseph had to work, and Will didn't get back from a golf tournament until late).  So, we had ALL day Friday and Saturday on the beach! WHEW HOO!  We got to see several interesting things.

Mom went and asked these people what they were doing.
They informed her that they work for BP and they were checking the beaches for oil.
Her next question was why they carried a port a john around..
they told her they aren't allowed to use the restrooms up and down the beach! WEIRD!
Yeah.. these guys were our entertainment on Saturday.
We laughed at them. And they know we were. They were stupid.
We asked why they taped their beer together.. Their response, "Whoever drinks beer the size that they are first wins their wizard status." Go ahead LAUGH! WE DID TOO! IN THEIR FACES! We couldn't help it!

Here is where they begin.. Wonder if they are LSU fans!?
So.. we went and looked and YEP! The tent says LSU! HAHA!

Like I said.. we saw some pretty interesting things!  But Joseph and the girls, FOUND some pretty interesting things too! Check these out!

I didn't want to scare anyone with my nasty body in a swimsuit, so I will not put any of those pics up! Oh wait, I decided this year was NOT a good year to take pics in my swimsuit! PAHA!  But.. I will tell you, that.. Zac (my 4 year old cousin), told me, "LEAH! you look completely black!" Whew! Better not take him anywhere that I don't want him yelling crazy stuff out! Just kidding!! I LOVE HIM!
Zac collecting cans! He begged to tape them together! LOL

We went to eat at this AMAZING seafood place! I can't remember the name.. WHOOPS!  Anyways, I stepped out of my box and ate something OTHER than fried shrimp! I had redfish! It was DELICIOUS! While at the restaurant, we took a few pics! There was the most BEAUTIFUL sunset I think I have ever seen with my own two eyes.  It was perfect!

And of course I had to get a picture with these two handsome men!

And another with my HANDSOME HUBBY!!!

This marks the end of the beach trip post! I hope to post about our anniversary trip to Gatlinburg VERY soon, so be on the look out for it!



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