Monday, July 18, 2011

Life Lately

Well, I'm back! Again! a very dear friend of mine has told me that I need to get back into blogging.. I told her that my life is boring too busy!  Well, truth is, I just can't juggle anything with working nights! Pitiful, I know! Anyways, in a couple of different blog posts (ONE would be entirely too long), I will try to catch y'all up on what our lives have consisted of this spring/summer.

FIRST off, I must tell you all that... my stepdad and I ran our FIRST half marathon in April, and we LOVED it!!!  I know that I will be doing more, actually, doing one in October with one of my very BEST friends, Nicole! YEP! I found someone just as crazy as me! :)

Me and Walter after the half marathon!

Joseph came to watch me cross the finish line!
MAY was a pretty eventful month for us. No joke. We weren't home much (you have to remember I work EVERY other weekend too so that cuts out my time at home!) We had Will's (my brother) graduation.

Will's graduation announcement. Such a handsome young man!
I'm a proud big sister!

Me and Will

Me, Will, and Mama at Will's baccalaureate (sp) Mass

Will about to walk!!
Please excuse the gross bald head on the right!

Me and Will after he got his diploma!
SOOO PROUD of him!
Wish he was wearing WC cap and gown though!

Me and Joseph at graduation!

AND.. We also had Dan (Joseph's brother) and Abby's wedding... ON THE SAME DAY! and NOT in the same town. Will's graduation was in Vicksburg at 10 AM and Dan's wedding was at 6 PM in Waveland, MS. About a 4 hour drive! It was fun!

Me and Abby!
This is sadly the only picture I have...

That's all I have for right now. Stay tuned for my next post! It will consist of.. Beach trip #1, and anniversary trip!! You will NOT want to miss this!!!



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