Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A few things that I LOVE!!

In honor of Valentine's Day being yesterday and I had to use yesterday for welcoming myself back to the blogging world, I decided to use TODAY to blog about the things that I am absolutely in love with right now! :) I got the idea from a few other bloggers that I follow! In no order!

**Let me start with my newest OBSESSION...  I called it an obsession, YES! My husband tells me that I do "too much" of it... But.. I don't think so! And this obsession is... RUNNING!!!! :) I got new shoes right after Christmas and several new workout tops!
                                                             Here are my new shoes! :)

**Another thing that I absolutely love - which really seems weird to me that I like it SOOO much - is... My Bobbi Brown Hydrating Face Cream.. I usually HATE creams for my face (makes me feel greasy! LOL) But this stuff... is.. Expensive, Amazing, and lasts a LONG time if you use it right!!
**For Christmas, I asked for a new Juicy Couture perfume. Of course, my husband told me that since he bought me perfume last year, he was not going to buy me some this year. So.. I used some of my Christmas money and bought it myself! :)  It's Juicy Couture "Couture, Couture" I wasn't much of a fan of her "Peace, Love and Juicy"  it was a little too fruity for me!

**I'm a small sucker for pajama pants.. I'm not real sure why, but I have always love pajama pants or pajama shorts. My pictures won't load.. So, I have to just "tell you" what they look like... They are Nick and Nora purple with OWLS on them!  Of course being a Chi O has made me a little obsessed with OWLS! :)  Whooooo can't be! They are so precious!

**I'm not going to be able to post a picture of my favorite candle.  Let me first say, I used to HATE candles, but now.. that's a different story. My favorite's include: ANY Anthropologie candle (gosh, that whole store smells amazing!), Tyler Candles, and a new candle that one of my friends introduced me to.  I'm not sure the name of the candle, but.. they are soy wax and you don't even have to light them for your entire house to smell amazing! Everytime I walked in her house, I smelled these candles and finally I got myself one!

**This little girl has been an obsession of mine for almost 5 years now.  I tell Joseph all the time that I don't know what I would do without her!! Of course, he looks at me like I'm CRAZY because... after all, she is just a dog. But really, I'm not sure how she will act when we do have kids ONE DAY. I'll share a few pictures of my precious baby girl!
At the lake one day fishing! :)

Snuggled in the covers! One of her favorite places to be!

I think she felt superior to everyone when she was up here. This is from when I lived in Starkville. If I couldn't find her, I just went to this place, and waaalaaa, there she was! :)
You can probably figure this picture out for yourself! AND YES.. she did this herself! :)

Last but not least.. HER BABY!!  If you want to laugh, you should watch her sling this thing! I STILL haven't figured out how she doesn't get Whip Lash!! :)

**And I DID save the best for last... of course that is.. MY HUSBAND!!  I love him more than he will EVER know! :)  Enjoy some of the pics!  Some of these are OLD! like.. from when we first started dating -- FOUR YEARS AGO! :) And of course the pictures end with the BEST DAY of our lives and the BEST WEEK of our lives!!!!
Joseph with his fish! :)

A random night at my apartment in Starkville.. :)
OUR FAVORITE place in the World!! :) The beach!
Chi O Mardi Gras Party 2007...

Yep, we went fishing when Hurricane Gustav was going through....

This explains us... HAHA!

SOOO excited at this VERY MOMENT! :) 

One night after dinner while on our HONEYMOON!
This was the BEST week of our lives! :)

 That is all for today! I hope that you enjoy!! :)


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