Friday, November 5, 2010

OOPS!! Life has gotten busy..

For those of yall that do follow our blog, I apologize for my laziness! :)  I've been busy working and trying to get the house decorated and ideas for Christmas decorations! YES! It's our first Christmas in our new home and being MARRIED!!! YAY!! :)
Anyways, a little update on what's been going on the past few weeks!  We have been hunting pretty much every weekend for Joseph and every other for me (I have to work every other weekend, blah!).
LOL!! This is what I look like all camo'ed! :)

A side view from my tree stand!

Joseph climbing!! :)

After we got home from hunting!

As Joseph says, "I have to get Rambo'ed up!"

GRRR!! :)  The finished product of his face painting!

Besides hunting on the weekends, they usually also consist of watching football!! We have been rooting on our Bulldogs (now 7-2)!!!  The UAB game was a close game (too close for comfort for me!).  We laughed because I think my blood pressure made an all time high during that game!  I get a little too worked up in close games!  I think Joseph likes it better when I have to work during a game!  Hey, did I mention that I ring my cowbell WHENEVER I want to at home! YAY!

And... NOW on to a really exciting day/time!!  Kaitlyn Grace was born!! My dear friends Laurin and Ryan finally had their baby girl!! Here is a sneak peek of her beautiful self!

Me with Laurin and Ryan!

Mommy with Kaitlyn Grace!! :)

Wrapping her daddy around her fingers!!! :):)

  Kaitlyn Grace!!!


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